Spend your holidays in Sardinia

After Sicily, Sardinia is the second island of the Mediterranean in terms of area. It is convenient for holidays either with family or with friends or with your beloved one. Each of you can easily find out an activity that corresponds to your interest.

Head for the discovery of Sardinia

As first of all Sardinia is an island, the beaches and the sea compose its strong point. For an excursion or for the water activities, all the family members will find what suits them there. The backstreets of Cagliari shelter some shops in which the characters in cartoons are taken as models by talented draughtsmen. The strolls by barouche or by the « trenino catalano », an original model of small train, make up an alternative of interests which will create good memories for small children as well as the adults.


If you are journeying with fellow adults who share with you a common passion for climbing, the spots of Sardinia are waiting for you all. Between their dizzy cliffs and their escarpments, you actually will have too much to choose from. The lovers of the deep-sea diving will also find what they want there. www.aacroisiere.com offers you the possibilities to enjoy all these pleasures during the Christmas time.

Heading for cruise in the Mediterranean Sea, a magnificent gift

A cruise is a sumptuous gift which you offer yourself. Such a trip gives you the possibility to sail across landscapes which differ from each other, but which always keep you in a good calm. To make up yourself some other activity in parallel with these quiet moments, you can take part in the entertaining animations organized on board the ships of the MSC fleet.

Your adventure will leads you to the cities which are as interesting as these, such as Genoa, Barcelona, Palermo as well as Tenerife.0 it is then up to you to choose the route which better suits your expectations. Your cruise will be an opportunity to end this year with a flourish and begin the new one under best auspices.

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