The Canal du Midi a treasure in South of France

Visiting France can be done without going through the classic tourist sites. Visiting France can be exciting if you discover picturesque, unusual, magical and surprising places … This is what we propose to do with the Canal du Midi.

The Canal du Midi in France

Located in South of France, 25 km from Carcassonne and 35 km from Narbonne, the Canal du Midi connects the beautiful city of Toulouse to the Mediterranean Sea. Registered since 1966 on the list of UNESCO World Heritage, it crosses some of the most beautiful landscapes in France : About 241 km through three departments (Herault, Aude, Haute-Garonne).


Discover the Canal du Midi in a barge

Why not rent a boat for a sunny holiday on the Canal du Midi?

You will sail on one of the most beautiful waterways in the world, famous for the Fonseranes lock staircase and the canal bridge over the Orb river. You will enjoy the peaceful crossing of the vineyards of Languedoc, you will sail in the shade of the plane trees and you will be able to moor to visit the typical villages of the South of France. Let yourself be tempted by a wine tasting, a bike tour, admire the Roman art of Narbonne and the fortified city of Carcassonne, without forgetting Toulouse the beautiful pink city.

You can easily find rental agencies for houseboats on the Internet or on site in Castelnaudary, Homps, Trèbes or Narbonne.

Why not take a cruise on the Canal du Midi?

Take a day trip on the Canal du Midi and discover the major structures that make it up: The Fonseranes locks, the Orb canal bridge, the Malpas tunnel, the Orb lock …

For this, you have to go to Béziers (35 avenue Pierre Brousse) and let you embark for a day of discovery in the sun.

Or go to Renneville 20 minutes from Toulouse to go in the opposite direction and make a pleasant cruise in a barge through the locks of the seventeenth century, navigation aqueducts and scenery sumptuous.

Discover the Canal du Midi on foot

The Canal du Midi offers you magnificent walks. Here are 2 beautiful ways to discover this beautiful site:

From Carcassonne

It will be necessary to leave the city of Trèbes by the N113 and then to take the D610 road towards Puichéric. Just before entering the village, turn left and follow the D111 to the bridge that crosses the Canal du Midi. Leave the car at the car park and walk along the banks of the Canal.

From Narbonne

Follow the N113 road to Villedaigne and turn right to take the D11 road then the D611 towards Homps. To reach Puichéric. At the end of the village, turn right onto the D111 road and reach the bridge. All you have to do is park and go hiking along the banks.

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