The Fascinating Desert Tours of Marrakech and Morocco

Living the desert life adventure is all too often overlooked by tourists and holidaymakers favouring a sunbed, pool and cocktail bar. But just on the very north western tip of the African continent – and within a short hop from Europe – is the wonderful experience of the Moroccan desert.

Morocco desert tours tend to begin out of the former imperial city of Marrakech. But there are exciting and wondrous tours out of Merzouga and Zagora to be had too. A Morocco desert tour is truly an uplifting and unique experience. It offers the chance of a feeling you’ve stepped back in time, as these tours can encompass medieval cities, maze alleys, buzzing souks and the hubbub of the Kasbah, you will soon see why.

Camel Trekking and Overnight Stays in the Desert on a Merzouga Desert Tour


A Bedouin camp is an outdoor experience many never forget. Often, the tours begin from Marrakech, involve a desert camel ride and culminate in spending a night sleeping under the stars.

A Bedouin camp is reached by camel riding across the dunes. It has been a way of travel in the desert for thousands of years, and the experience will give a feeling you’ve been frozen in time.

The Morocco desert in huge and some of the interior dunes are majestic. The Erg Chebbi Desert has dunes more than 300 metres high and can offer a spectacular view over the vast 50km Moroccan sands.

World Heritage Sites and Camel Riding – Underneath the Stars on a Zagora Desert Tour

The Morocco Desert offers a wealth of things to experience for the intrepid traveller. Usually departing from a base in Marrakech, 3 or 4-day tours can encompass camel riding, a night under the stars and a trip to the fascinating World Heritage Site of Ait Ben Haddou.

Many of the sights, smells and sounds along the way on this adventure will leave many a traveller wondering why such an adventure was never taken up before. These unforgettable experiences can happen when embarking on a Zagora desert tour.

The tours pick holidaymakers up and deliver them safely back after a few days out in the majestic desert sands of Morocco.

Zagora is like the last place of civilisation before hitting the real heart of the Sahara. The city has a huge palm grove, a 700-mile long river (Draa) and valley that makes the area look like a landscape from another time or an alternate realm.

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