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Top 3 Destinations for Christmas Holiday

Going on vacations for Christmas and the New Year is a perfect way for a family to spend time and share beautiful and new experiences together. And whether you choose a tropical and warm destination to get away from the cold, or decide to go to an even snowier place, you can always have outstandingholidays. Here are three wonderful destinations for your next winter holidays.

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1.   Sicily, Italy

If the Sicilian Christmas is celebrated around a plastic tree, it is just to meet the clichés. You can enjoy it or ignore it and discover an island where gastronomy and festive spirit match perfectly instead. Churches appear to compete for the most beautiful, the biggest, the best Nativity Scene. There are even real lambs and hundreds of characters for the shows. The festival halls welcome exposition of cribs realized by the inhabitants themselves.

Christmas is everywhere and all children’s eyes sparkle constantly even without understanding a word of Italian. Or maybe it is the sugar coming out of the panettones that lights the light of greed in the eyes. And if you are lucky, you will be able to listen to strolling musicians singing soft lullabies in Sicilian from you balcony on Christmas Eve. Take time to enjoy their songs, they are there to guarantee that your sleep be deep so that Santa Claus can come without wakinganyone up.Then, Christmas is quickly followed by the celebration of Befana and her handing out of treats.

2.   Morzine, France

If you are fond of skiing and everything concerning this winter sport, you can enjoy the best of it in the French Alps, especially in Morzine where the famous Portes du Soleil open its 12 outstanding ski resorts for everyone. There, you can be sure to spend the best winter mountain holidays with the December snow. Spending Christmas in Morzine will make you discover the holiday magic with the snowy time, streets and houses full of Christmas ornament.

Morzine is home to all types of accommodation but the holidays will get even more magical if you rent a chalet near the mountains. There, you can share precious holiday moments like in a new home. But you can always taste the local cuisine delighted by the holiday color. And of course, do not forget to try the ski slopes over there; they are the best in the world.

3.   Zanzibar, Tanzania

To go far away from the cold, the snow, big coats, thick scarves and the days that grow shorter, opt for a family holiday in Zanzibar where the sun will always shine bright during your stay. It is quite an original destination for Christmas and the New Year and you will not regret your choice. Sharing Christmas time with your family in a sunny place, under the coconut trees, it is the dream, isn’t it?

The palm roofs emerging from tropical vegetation, activities for the whole family, simple and comfortable small residences, you can enjoy all of these in Zanzibar. You can combine your wonderful stay with a safari in the North of the country and contemplate the famous Kilimanjaro be the way. Besides, the kids will be happy to spend Christmas time with zebras, impalas, giraffes, elephants, lions, rhinoceros, etc.

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