Top 5 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Europe

Honeymoons are usually a time to get away, relax and have fun. And who wouldn’t be looking for the dream honeymoon to match? So why not take the time to plan it well? There are numerous places where you can enjoy an unforgettable experience with your special someone in Europe. Read on to discover the best places for romance.

Nice, France

honeymoon in NiceWhether you are going on experiential trips or a longer honeymoon vacation, Nice offers adventure and relaxation. The city itself will help you create a wedding experience with memories that will last a lifetime. Take a romantic walk along the Promenade des Anglais at sunset. The Castle Hill and the Chagall Museum are also very popular for romantic getaway. If you go there, you will learn a little more about the rich history of the city. Furthermore, Nice is not to be missed for an actually great getaway full of drinks and swanky hotels. What’s better than spending your honeymoon on a luxury rental vehicle? In fact, the city is easy to get you by car, so you can take advantage of hiring a luxury car wherever you go.

Paris, France

paris-1836415_960_720Couples looking for a romantic honeymoon location should look no further than Paris. You can find the most romantic and luxury hot spots in the world in Paris. Stroll down the banks of the River Seine or walk up to its cobbled streets. For a luxurious stay, “le Bristol Paris”, the “Hôtel Plaza Athénée” are the ideal places. On the other hand, you can walk to some of the city’s most fascinating sights such as the iconic monument “Eiffel Tower” and the famous museum like the Louvre. Moreover, the variety of cuisine is something to relish in Paris. As an example, you can try one of the French’s delicious lunch specials. And of course, no Parisian honeymoon is complete without tasting a French wine at a cozy cafe. Therefore, it’s sure this City of Light will keep you entertained during your honeymoon.

Bruges, Belgium

drink-2205033_960_720Bruges offers honeymooners the perfect taste of Belgium. Sneak away for a secluded honeymoon for just the two of you. Soak up the beautifully preserved museums and buildings that echo an era past at first. Uncover the history of the city in its striking architecture. Take a tour of Loppem Castle with your significant other. You can make your honeymoon a special and exceptional occasion at this place. Don’t miss out its medieval streets, which are home to diverse shops, bars and cafes as well. Speaking of which, drinking beer, eating fries and chocolate are a must too.

Barcelona, Spain

barcelonaBarcelona is a popular destination for newlyweds celebrating their new life together. It is known for its vibrant and passionate spirit. You can find a plethora of options for scrumptious food and enjoy a delightful Spanish meal. Also, if you want to experience the best honeymoon ever, Las Ramblas creates the perfect setting for celebrating your new nuptials. Be sure to check out “La Plaça de Catalunya” where you and your beloved one can buy souvenirs of your honeymoon. Last but not the least, history buffs will adore spending their honeymoon at Sagrada Família.

Budapest, Hungary

006Hundreds of honeymooners venture to Budapest for a combination of relaxation and partying. Enjoy a sunset cruise in Budapest or take a wine tasting tour. However, lovers looking for a fun night out should visit Budapest, which are home to many romantic places. There are plenty of locations where you can grab a cocktail and enjoy partying the night away. Those include the Cotton Club, Morrison’s Music Pub Opera, Dürer Kert, Barba Negra Track, 202 Music Club and the Palacio de la Salsa. Looking for more of a party getaway? Check out the Szimpla Kert, one of the best ruin pubs in Budapest. Don’t forget the A38 Ship for live music.

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