Trinidad, a piece of heaven on earth

Are you looking for an amazing trip but you don’t know yet where to go to? Don’t worry, that’s very common. There’s a lot of suitable places where you can go if you want to spend a different holiday and also if you need to save some money.

One of the favourite travellers’ destinations is Cuba because they could find whatever they want or they need in an easily way. Yes, you’re reading well. The island not only has beaches and fine weather, since it also hide secret places that will surprise you.

The capital of the island, Havana, it’s amazing. There, you’ll find the traditions and customs of the people living in the city. Its food and drinks are incredible and you’ll try the incomparable taste that makes Cuba unique.

There are more important cities in this marvellous Caribbean island, for example, Trinidad. It’s one of the villages with the biggest history in Cuba and it’s also the capital of its municipality. It’s located on the south part but not surrounded by the sea.

The interesting part in Trinidad is its beautiful landscape of the natural parks thanks of its location. You won’t have problems if you want go to the beaches because the cost it’s very close to it. Cuba will have certainly everything you need.

The clear sea and the white sand leave an incredible image that will capture your attention. While getting your last bath of the day you can enjoy a wonderful sunset in its calm water. It’s the best moment to relax and to take a breath before you start the following day.

Without doubt, you won’t have problems if you want to travel into the island. The perfect road system will lend you move freely through the beaches, cities and natural parks of the island. We recommend you to plan before your trip since it will help you to count the days you want to spend.

You can also go to places like Varadero which have enormous hotels complex where you can have a quite holiday while enjoying its weather and its facilities. The trip could be grateful for all travellers whether for adventurous people or for people who is looking for a relaxing holiday.

Don’t think more about what you want to do and come visit the amazing Cuba. Prepare your luggage and spend a little bit of money in this perfect holiday which you’ll repeat.

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