Uncovering London’s must-see sights

Are you planning your next vacation in London, but you are not sure where to head? So why not hit the must-sees like the Tower Bridge, the London Eye and then explore the Regent’s Park or one of the city’s museums as the British Museum.

Find out London’s Tower Bridge

Close to the Tower of London and dates back to 1894, a visit to this bridge is recommended while you are in London. It is one of must-sees architectural marvel in London. You can go inside the bridge where you can find out the Tower bridge Exhibition, so that you can learn about the bridge’s history. Apart from that, visitors will have the opportunity to take photographs of the Tower bridge. Besides, it will offer you a breathtaking view over the River Thames. You could also admire the nearby attraction there like the Tower of London.

Visist Regent’s Park

There’s plenty to excite nature lovers in this park. You can visit the London Zoo, where you could find many kinds of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and fish. Thanks to the « wildlife-friendly » community garden, you can learn about the wildlife in the area. Moreover, the park itself features a number of sports facilities like the hub and the Tennis centre. You could even find an open-air theatre as well as playing fields for kids. Travellers can also rent paddle boats and rowboats there. On the other hand, if you want to explore any other spots in London, you can enjoy a ride on a rental car and visit any other beautiful places like the Big Ben, the Buckingham Palace or the Houses of Parliament.


Take a trip to the British Museum

You will be in awe of what this museum has to offer. It is one of the top free attractions in London you should not miss out. Why? There are more than 13 million artifacts from the ancient world. As an example, you can meet mummies. On top of that, you could explore Egyptian collection, Assyrian collection and many other departments. If you are an antiquities enthusiast, you would appreciate this museum very much.

Sight see the London Eye

Situated on the River Thames, it is one of the iconic landmarks in London you should spot. It will offer you unforgettable 360° views for up to 40km. To be more precise, it will probably offer you the most spectacular views of the city. However, you should not forget to book your ticket in advance if you want to visit London Eye, given the fact that lines for embarking and for ticket purchases can be very long. So why not plan your next trip there in order to have fun?

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