Varadero, a paradise on earth

The marvellous island of Cuba proposes you a large amount of amazing and unexpected places for your holiday. It’s one of the most touristic destinations and it’s well – known for its beautiful beaches and its extraordinary drink, the rum.

One of the cities you definitely can’t miss during your trip is Varadero. It’s a little far away from the capital of the city, Havana, but it’s plenty of landscapes and things to do. Varadero is the nearest point to the USA in Cuba. Its inhabitants live from the tourism since its principal income comes from it.

However, Varadero’s length is 33 kilometers and 22 of which are beaches. Yeah, you hear it well. The municipality is quite large but the sand and the calm sea will be with you the whole time. You won’t find neither spectacular waves nor brave sea; although you could discover another world under the sea which will certainly surprise you.

Near Varadero you will find one of the most beautiful beaches in the world whose name is Coral Beach. As its name suggests it contains one of the longest barrier reefs on the planet, since you can find more than 50 different types of reefs and a wide variety of fish. Therefore, you will be able to do scuba diving at the same time you see all the unforgettable things that the sea offers to you.

As mentioned above, the sea will follow your movements in every place you want to visit. The tiny sand and the crystal water create unbelievable landscapes which you’ll never forget. The perfect destination for a relaxing holiday, where resorts offer unexpected prices for any budget.

Besides, it’s the perfect place for adventurous people because on all beaches you can practise all kinds of water sport and also some curses if you want to learn more about all this incredible stuff.

Varadero is more than hotels, resorts, food and restaurants. It has kind people who will make your journey funnier than anyone else and it provides you all you need for a perfect holiday. Don’t wait more and come visit this amazing city. You can’t miss this adventure!

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