Which Greek island to choose?

Composed of thousands of islands on the Aegean and Ionian seas, the Greek islands attract tourists from all over the world for their beautiful beaches, their small white villages perched, their Mediterranean gastronomy and their almost permanent sunshine. So, among the most visited, which Greek island will you choose Santorini, Mykonos, Skiathos, Corfu or Crete?

Santorini for a romantic stay

Who has not heard of this Cyclade Island, its white houses, its blue dome and its incredible sunset? The landscapes of Santorini invite to tranquility, to pleasure, to a romantic stay. Moreover, it seems that this is one of the favorite destinations of couples for their honeymoon.

Crete for its history and traditions

At the center of Greek mythology, Crete will attract you for its vestiges, its legends but especially for its nature. Indeed, it is a wild and mountainous island which offers very contrasted landscapes. Many tourists go there for its beautiful pebble and sand beaches, white chapels and traditional villages.

Corfu for lovers of culture

Corfu is an island of wild beauty that attracts as much for its small and pretty beaches as for its heritage. With its influences from Italy and Albania, Corfu is a beautiful blend of culture found in its typical Venetian architecture but also in its gastronomy and way of life.

Skiathos for a preserved nature

In the Sporades archipelago, this little piece of island was the setting for the film Mamamia and for good reason!
This island is a little treasure. His landscapes are wild and preserved. Pine forests, creeks hard to reach, small beaches with a turquoise sea. Skiathos has everything to attract nature lovers.


Mykonos to party

Mykonos is the most fashionable island in Greece. We go there to party in the sun in a splendid setting. The bars, restaurants and discotheques are not lacking for the happiness of the Jet Set and tourists who like to have fun. But also, Mykonos is a beautiful island. It has beautiful beaches, very picturesque windmills and typical villages with pretty little streets, houses with white walls and blue shutters and all its small churches…

So if you dream of an island always sunny surrounded by sumptuous beaches and turquoise water, of course you can go to a San Blas Island or to Mucura Island but you can also choose from all the beautiful islands of Greece because there is something for everyone!

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