Why Cannes is among the best destinations in the world?

There are many splendid destinations that we should visit and all of them will become our lifetime memory. We can’t deny that nature is a part of human being’s life. It is not logical if there is someone detests nature. In fact, the best landscape always attracts our eyes and our thinking.

Cannes, Tourists attractions

 There are many reasons to make us falling in love with nature but the main cause is nature relax our thinking. Think about turquoise blue ocean with awesome beach where there are some perky birds flying in the blue sky. Certainly, most of us would like visiting that beach. Cannes is also among the touristic destination for the last decades. Not only is it caused by the popular two festivals (Cannes Film Festival and Cannes Lions Festival) but also it has many attraction activities. As it well-reputed for the different awesome places, there are multiple things that you can do during your holidays in Cannes. Here are the perfect places that you have to visit during your holidays in Cannes.

Visit the so-called Martinez Beach

It is a well-known tourist attraction in Cannes as it gives more attractive and exciting activities. If you are a fan of different water sports, you will probably feel at ease. There, take pleasure to water attractions such as windsurfing, helicopter rides, parasailing, scuba diving and more else. Another reason to make this place original is the existence of 400 sun lounge chairs with traditional parasols. Many tourists take sunbath there especially during the summer day.

The awesome beach La Croisette

This place is the most pleasant place in Cannes where Cannes Film Festival takes place. The splendid beaches with high-class restaurants, café, and brand boutiques makes La Croisette gorgeous. Many celebrities have already set foot there as the restaurants are famous for the gastronomic cuisine. This place is closer to the Mediterranean Sea. As it is the point of the Cannes Films Festival, the different activities there won’t deceive you. You can get amusement with the various activities especially those on a yacht. One thing is sure, you will get fun, entertainment and relaxation if you rent a yacht in Cannes.

Rent yacht charter MIPIM

For those who want to appreciate multiple activities while staying luxurious and comfortable, it is a great idea if they rent yacht charter MIPIM. In fact, this latter is a conference for the domestic and international business. Chartering a wide yacht appropriate for entertaining is also an exceptional activity while visiting Cannes. There are many yachts that are suitable for all events and ready to complete every events.

Add your knowledge by visiting “Musee de la Castre”

Musee de le Castre is a symbol of Cannes city because it symbolizes the culture of people there. If you like discovering something new and wish to increase your knowledge, it is perfect if you visit this unique museum. There you will see awesome collection of art that are related to the culture of Cannes. Before it was a castle but it has changed to museum since 19th century. If you love old arts, you will be satisfied by visiting this museum. On the one hand, you will find old paintings by local artists. These paintings show the beautiful images of Cannes. One the other hand, you will see the collection of 200 hundred musical instruments, decorative arts and sculptures. In addition to these, you can find temporary and permanent exhibitions in Musee de la Castre.

Palace of Festivals and Congress Hall

This palace is also a symbol of the city as it is the place of Cannes Film Festivals. Located in the “La Croisette”, multiple of entertainments are available there. Built in the middle of 20th century, Palace of Festivals and Congress has become a landmark of town. Palace of Festival and Congress Hall has a seating capacity of 2500 people and the exterior is a real work of art with luxurious furniture equipment. In the evening, guests are allowed to the different amusements such as the casinos, night club and great diner.

Yacht Charter MIPIM

MIPIM is the first real estate event that takes place in Cannes. It gathers the most important people from all sectors of the international industry. The aims of these four days of conference and exhibition are networking, learning, communication and transaction. MIPIM 2018 will takes place at the Palace of Festivals and Congress in Cannes from 13 to 16 March. Obviously, Charter yacht is related to MIPIM because they provide perfect venues for the customers who need entertainment, accommodation and different events. Apart from the different conferences, visitors or guests can enjoy their vacations by yacht. They can visit the wonderful Côte d’Azur and many various splendid destinations. Finding a suitable, comfortable and securing yacht for the MIPIM is necessary if you want to profit maximum your vacations.

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